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Ukhomeswap is a mutual exchange website offering council house and housing association swaps to tenants of the UK, Scotland and Wales.

Ukhomeswap was launched in 2005 making it the longest and oldest exchange website on the Internet today.

Finding a mutual exchange can be quite hard , Ukhomeswap is here to make your exchange a lot more easier.

By registering on Ukhomeswap you can add your advert which many other potential swappers can view and contact you direct.

Adverts that contain images have a much greater exchange rate due to other potential swappers being able to view the exchange you have to offer.

It is always recommended that the images that you add to your advert are the images of the outside of your house as a priory image, as well as images of the inside of your house so potential swappers can see what your home looks like on the inside and the outside .

Remember when adding your home swap, it is illegal to offer any type of money for an exchange and if you do so this could result in being evicted if you charge or receive any money to swap your home.

Remember when you find an exchange, you must get permission from your local council or housing association before you succeed to agree on a mutual exchange with any party .

All required paperwork must be filled in prior to an exchange.

There are many reasons why people require a home swap, council, tenants and housing association tenants are entitled to a home swap as much as anybody else who is paying Private rent.

Some of the reasons that people may want to swap their home are

1. They have a growing family and not enough room

2. The property does not have a garden and current tenant would like a garden with their property

3. A property closer to a school is now required or you wish to move into a catchment of a local school.

4. A property closer to local amenities is now required

5. You have changed where you work and wish to live closer to your workplace.

6. You wish to live closer to friends or family.

7. You would like to downsize your property as you have spare rooms that are no longer required.

8. You have a growing family and now require more bedrooms in your current property.

Remember Ukhomeswap is here to make your home swap easier, but it is required by you to visit your local council and arrange paperwork to be filled out and signed prior to doing a mutual exchange with another home swapper.

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